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General Resources

For more information regarding the Restoration Movement, and how you can receive baptism, or connect with others seeking truth, the following resources are available.

Research and Learning


    • This website features the full Restoration Edition of the scriptures online, as well as study aids, a search engine, correlation tables, and links to mobile apps

    • At-cost print editions are available via


    • This website features all of Denver’s blog posts, as well as the Denver Snuffer Podcast

  • ​

    • An exhaustive collection of all records and history of the remnant movement, including all conferences, regional meetings and other events, as well as every presentation known at this time made by Denver Snuffer and Joseph Smith

  • ​

    • ​The website and associated book are intended to help Christians understand why there is a need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be restored

  • ​

    • A history of the scriptures project, by the groups that came together to complete the project


    • Information about and links to a version of the Book of Mormon, with Hebrew language versions of words and phrases, geared towards readers from the House of Israel

To receive baptism:


    • The purpose of this site is to connect you with someone who has authority from Jesus Christ to perform the ordinance of baptism. There may be someone in your area who can help you, or there may be someone traveling through your area in the near future. Whatever the situation, we want to help you get baptized. You can place your baptism request here and it will be made available privately to those who can provide baptism.

    • This baptism does not make you, or require you to become, a member of any organized church or religion, but is only a sign between you and God that you sincerely believe in Jesus Christ and wish to follow Him.​

To record your baptism:


    • This is a website especially developed for local group recorders and individuals to submit names of those baptized according to The Doctrine of Christ

To locate a fellowship group near you:


YouTube channels

Discussions and Forums

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