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The Lord Sets His Hand Again

Scripture promises a future day when the Lord will “set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people” (Isaiah 11:11). In an increasingly turbulent world, it is only natural to wonder when that time will be, what the Lord will do, and how you might participate in the Lord’s final triumph. 


This book contains the answers to these questions and more. It chronicles the history of the movement now underway: to recover what the Lord has already given, receive what He now offers, and move forward to the fullness of His promised restoration. It tells the story of ordinary believers called to do extraordinary things and invites you to be one of them.


This book is not about a church or a religion; it is about a grassroots Restoration Movement centered in the idea that what started with Joseph Smith is not yet complete and that God has more to give us. The promised restoration includes a restoration of individuals to the presence of Jesus Christ, a restored understanding of the fullness of His truth, and a restoration of a people who will become His family and welcome Him at His coming. 


This is your invitation and opportunity to hear the Lord’s voice calling you to participate in the restoration of the fullness and to become fully His.

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