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Preserving Faith When Institutions Stumble




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Are you concerned about the direction your church is taking? Is your religion changing so rapidly it’s becoming unrecognizable? Are you alarmed at the increasing emphasis on following a man and doing as you’re told, even when it doesn’t square with doctrine or scripture?

There ARE good answers to your questions about the LDS Church…answers that preserve faith in God, the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon. Join us for a light-filled discussion of some of the most pressing topics facing Latter-day Saints today. 

...that preserve faith in God, the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon.

The purpose of this conference is to help members of the LDS Church (and others) who struggle with the history, teachings, or current direction of the church, but who nevertheless desire to retain a belief in Christ's restored gospel.

The Rescuing the Restoration Conference will discuss how the restoration of the gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon are STILL the foundations the Lord is using to fulfil His Promises, even though institutions all around us are failing.

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Who We Are and What We Believe


We are a group of believers in the Restoration who are not affiliated with any formal church or institution, who testify that God is moving His Hand again, a second time, to recover His people in preparation for the Second Coming.


The Lord appeared to Joseph Smith Jr. in the Spring of 1820 and began what millions of people believe to be the Restoration of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. This Marvelous Work and a Wonder included the translation of the Book of Mormon, the re-establishment of the Church of Christ, the restoration of Priesthood and its accompanying saving ordinances, and perhaps most importantly, the re-establishment of direct communication from the Lord to a modern-day prophet.


Twenty-four years later, however, the prophet Joseph Smith and his successor were murdered in cold blood by a mob of more than 200 men at Carthage, Illinois. Among these murderers were men Joseph called friends whom he had loved and to whom he had faithfully ministered.


Upon the deaths of Joseph and his brother Hyrum, a succession crisis ensued leading to great divisions in the Church. The prophet's widow Emma and other Smith family members did not trust many of the men advocating for Apostle Brigham Young to watch over the Church until Joseph's son, Joseph III, was old enough to become its rightful leader. Others followed James Strang and Sidney Rigdon.  Today, there are more than 100 religious sects who claim Joseph Smith Jr. as their founder and the Book of Mormon as scripture.


Many members of these various denominations are now becoming disaffected with their respective faiths and have concerns about the Restoration itself. Not only do these different "restorationist" churches disagree with one another on important matters of doctrine, but all of them now disagree or contradict many of their own previous church leaders' teachings. Is it possible that with the loss of Joseph Smith in 1844, these institutions now still claiming him, have also lost fundamental pieces of the Restoration and the ability to keep it alive?


The speakers at this Conference and thousands, if not millions, of others, believe the Restoration itself is in grave jeopardy and in need of being Rescued.  


At a time of great turmoil and apostasy, this Conference is a humble attempt to honor and preserve the Restoration that began with Joseph Smith. Members of any faith or denomination are welcome to attend.

Rescuing the Restoration 
Book Now Available

Scripture promises a future day when the Lord will “set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people” (Isaiah 11:11). In an increasingly turbulent world, it is only natural to wonder when that time will be, what the Lord will do, and how you might participate in the Lord’s final triumph. This book contains the answers to these questions and more...

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